Sideboards and Dressers

An Oak Sideboard can revamp your room and add extra storage where you need it most. A Dresser Top is the perfect addition to your Sideboard to display your most precious belongings. Choose from a huge range of Oak Sideboards in many styles and sizes, and if you want to addd some sparkle choose a dresser top with LED spotlights.

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Bretagne Oak Sideboard, 2 Drawers + 2 DoorsBretagne Oak Sideboard, 2 Drawers + 2 Doors£349.00£229.009 in stockcode: BSB3222TH
Bretagne Oak Sideboard, LargeBretagne Oak Sideboard, Large£549.00£349.0038 in stockcode: BSB4333TH
Hamilton Oak Dresser Top, SmallHamilton Oak Dresser Top, Small£499.00£305.006 in stockcode: HHU0900HW
Hamilton Oak Sideboard, SmallHamilton Oak Sideboard, Small£599.00£345.0011 in stockcode: HSB0900HW
Hamilton Oak Dresser Top, LargeHamilton Oak Dresser Top, Large£799.00£495.0012 in stockcode: HHU1430HW
Hamilton Oak Sideboard, Large with 6 DrawersHamilton Oak Sideboard, Large with 6 Drawers£899.00£595.0013 in stockcode: HSB1430HW
Hamilton Oak Dresser, Large with 9 DrawersHamilton Oak Dresser, Large with 9 Drawers£1698.00£1089.0012 in stockcode: HDR1430HW
Malvern Oak Compact Sideboard, with 1 Drawer and 2 DoorsMalvern Oak Compact Sideboard, with 1 Drawer and 2 Doors£299.00£199.0026 in stockcode: MSB0001TT
Malvern Oak Small Sideboard, 2 DoorsMalvern Oak Small Sideboard, 2 Doors£379.00£249.00Out of Stock (call 0333 666 2532)code: MSB0002TTOrder this out of stock item
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Malvern Oak Large Sideboard, 3 DoorsMalvern Oak Large Sideboard, 3 Doors£549.00£349.009 in stockcode: MSB0003MD
Malvern Oak Dresser Top for Large SideboardMalvern Oak Dresser Top for Large Sideboard£599.00£399.0029 in stockcode: MHU5323MD
Malvern Oak Dresser, LargeMalvern Oak Dresser, Large£1148.00£729.009 in stockcode: MDR0003MD
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Utah Oak Low Corner CupboardUtah Oak Low Corner Cupboard£229.00£165.0020 in stockcode: WCU0720TH
Utah Oak Corner Dresser TopUtah Oak Corner Dresser Top£299.00£199.0014 in stockcode: WHU0001TH
Utah Oak Sideboard Desk with Double Filing DrawerUtah Oak Sideboard Desk with Double Filing Drawer£499.00£329.006 in stockcode: UDE4311MD
Utah 1 Drawer + 2 Door CupboardUtah 1 Drawer + 2 Door Cupboard£429.00£369.0015 in stockcode: UDE4312MD
Utah Small Sideboard 985x850 mmUtah Small Sideboard 985x850 mm£499.00£399.00Only 1 in stock, order now!code: USB4332MD