Lowest Prices Nationwide - Guaranteed!

Lowest Prices Nationwide - Guaranteed!


When you choose your solid oak bed, there are many things to bear in mind in addition to the ever important style, looks and price. We promise you, that if you see a suitable bed here, you will not find a better deal - or a better alternative bed. And this is why OAKEA Solid Oak Beds are a better choice - at less money:

Assembly: We make sure all OAKEA Beds use the Hook Assembly which is the easiest and most unbreakable method of assembling a bed. It is a real breeze, a 5 minute job. And it's so easy to take the bed apart and re-assemble it when you need to move it. Read about the Hook system on the individual bed product pages.

In addition, you want to make sure you receive the bed at the promised time. The OAKEA stock control and personal service is second to none for ensuring this.

And last but not least: For the price at this level of quality there really isn't any competition.

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Bretagne Oak Bed, Double,
Bretagne Oak Bed, Double, (4'6'')Bretagne Oak Bed, Double, (4'6'')£499.00£329.0014 in stockcode: BBD0046TH
Bretagne Oak Bed, King Size
Bretagne Oak Bed, King Size (5')£529.00£369.00Only 3 in stock, order now!code: BBD0050TH
Mattresss, Graduate Plus, Single, 3ftMattresss, Graduate Plus, Single, 3ft£99.00£89.00Only 4 in stock, order now!code: MMA0130BR
Mattress, Graduate Plus, Double, 4ft 6inMattress, Graduate Plus, Double, 4ft 6in£169.00£119.00Only 4 in stock, order now!code: MMA0146BR
Mattress, Graduate Plus, Kingsize, 5ftMattress, Graduate Plus, Kingsize, 5ft£199.00£149.00Only 1 in stock, order now!code: MMA0050BR
Mattress Postureform Single, 3ftMattress Postureform Single, 3ft£149.00Only 4 in stock, order now!code: MAPF30
Mattress Postureform Double, 4ft 6inMattress Postureform Double, 4ft 6in£199.00Only 3 in stock, order now!code: MAPF45
Mattress Flexcell Single, 3ftMattress Flexcell Single, 3ft£199.00Only 3 in stock, order now!code: MAFC30
Mattress Postureform King Size, 5ftMattress Postureform King Size, 5ft£249.00Out of Stock (call 0333 666 2532)code: MAPF50Order this out of stock item
and get an extra 10% off!
Mattress Flexcell Double, 4ft 6inMattress Flexcell Double, 4ft 6in£279.00Only 3 in stock, order now!code: MAFC45
Mattress Flexcell King Size, 5ftMattress Flexcell King Size, 5ft£329.00Only 2 in stock, order now!code: MAFC50
Utah Oak Bed, Low Footend, Single, 3'Utah Oak Bed, Low Footend, Single, 3'Utah Oak Bed, Low Footend, Single, 3'£399.00£259.0017 in stockcode: UBD0030TH
FREE delivery over £300 in England and Wales
Utah Oak Bed, Low Footend, Double, 4ft 6inUtah Oak Bed, Low Footend, Double, 4ft 6inUtah Oak Bed, Low Footend, Double, 4ft 6in£499.00£299.0020 in stockcode: UBD0046MD
Utah Oak Bed, Low Footend, King Size, 5ftUtah Oak Bed, Low Footend, King Size, 5ftUtah Oak Bed, Low Footend, King Size, 5ft£529.00£349.0015 in stockcode: UBD0050MD

OAKEA Furniture, quality oak & natural rattan furniture

If you are looking for quality furniture at an affordable price we hope you are pleased by what OAKEA can offer. We are in a unique position to make sure that you:

1) Buy at the lowest prices in the country like-for-like,
2) Don’t have to wait long
3) Can order with peace of mind – you can even pay on delivery in most cases.
4) Are kept in the loop right up to delivery.
5) Will have an experience exceeding your expectations
6) You can achieve an even better deal, if you need a lot
7) We give back – each month, one of our customers wins a £500 voucher in ourPrize Draw


Ways you can save more.

Ways you can save more.

OAKEA already has the lowest prices on these ranges like-for-like, but you can save even more, on any size of order! You may only need a bedside table, or you may be looking for a full range of bedroom furniture...read more

Prize Winner

Prize Draw Winner For 1st June 2016, Mr. Andrew Murray

Congratulations to Mr. Murray!

Our lucky £500 voucher winner this sunny June is Andrew Murray from Cumbria. After ordering a Malvern Dining Set and large Malvern Oak Sideboard, his lucky number won the draw! He expanded his oak furniture collection with several Bretagne Oak bedroom units, including the 5 drawer slim wellington.

Every month, one of our customers wins a £500 to spend in store.

Winning number was May #288


Make an informed decision on Solid Oak Furniture

Excellent Furniture Design should never be completed without analysis of each component going into a piece of furniture, and specification of the best possible material for each individual component. The purpose should be to optimize function, aesthetics and durability of each complete piece of furniture. Going through this process, with this purpose, it is very unlikely that solid oak would be deemed to be the best material for each and every component – and there are good reasons for this. Read more...


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Mobile Chip and Pin Devices for Easier, Secure Payment of Delivery- We are delighted to announce that we can now accept payment on delivery* using our mobile Chip and Pin devices. There are many benefits to choosing to pay Chip and Pin, including the knowledge that you only part with your money once the furniture is delivered to your door. Read about our mobile Chip and Pin device.

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Best for Service - Here at OAKEA we are in a very unique position. We have a small group of knowledgeable staff, a large warehouse holding our own oak furniture stock, and our own delivery drivers and vans. Your order won’t get lost between offices or in the IT system, you can even speak to the same person each time you call. ...


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