A huge selection of oak bookcases, in all styles and dimensions. From mini to extra deep bookcases, we have something for every room. All come fully assembled, and most have adjustable shelves.

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Bretagne Oak Bookcase, LowBretagne Oak Bookcase, Low£299.00£199.0035 in stockcode: BBC4203TH
Bretagne Oak Bookcase, MediumBretagne Oak Bookcase, Medium£349.00£229.0012 in stockcode: BBC7205MD
Bretagne Oak Bookcase, TallBretagne Oak Bookcase, Tall£449.00£299.0032 in stockcode: BBC9206TH
Hamilton Oak Bookcase, Small with 2 DrawersHamilton Oak Bookcase, Small with 2 Drawers£499.00£325.0013 in stockcode: HBC1200HW
Hamilton Oak Bookcase, Large with 1 DrawersHamilton Oak Bookcase, Large with 1 Drawers£749.00£429.0016 in stockcode: HBC1750HW
Malvern Oak Small BookcaseMalvern Oak Small Bookcase£199.00£109.0013 in stockcode: MBC0001MD
Malvern Oak Medium Bookcase, 3ftMalvern Oak Medium Bookcase, 3ft£299.00£199.0011 in stockcode: MBC0002MD
Malvern Oak Large Bookcase, 6ftMalvern Oak Large Bookcase, 6ft£499.00£299.0038 in stockcode: MBC0003MD
Utah Oak Bookcase 1500mmUtah Oak Bookcase 1500mm£299.00£229.0028 in stockcode: WBC1500TH
Utah Oak Bookcase, Low and WideUtah Oak Bookcase, Low and Wide£329.00£229.007 in stockcode: UBC5302MD
Utah Oak Low Corner Unit with Open TopUtah Oak Low Corner Unit with Open Top£399.00£249.009 in stockcode: WCU1200TH
Utah Oak Bookcase, Tall and WideUtah Oak Bookcase, Tall and Wide£599.00£399.0014 in stockcode: UBC9305MD
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