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Utah Oak Chest of Drawers, 3 by 3 drawers<br/>(2 Deep Drawers)Utah Oak Chest of Drawers, 3 by 3 drawers
(2 Deep Drawers)
Bretagne Oak Bed, Double,<br/>(4'6'')Bretagne Oak Bed, Double,
Ludlow Oak Lamp TableLudlow Oak Lamp Table£129£80Malvern Oak Compact Sideboard, with 1 Drawer and 2 DoorsMalvern Oak Compact Sideboard, with 1 Drawer and 2 Doors£279£161Utah Oak Bookcase, Low and WideUtah Oak Bookcase, Low and Wide£299£206Utah Oak Chest of Drawers, 3 + 3 Drawers<br/>(1 Deep Drawer)Utah Oak Chest of Drawers, 3 + 3 Drawers
(1 Deep Drawer)
Utah Oak Wardrobe, Single<br/>(Boxes1-2-5)Utah Oak Wardrobe, Single
Utah Oak Wardrobe, Double<br/>(Boxes 1-3-6)Utah Oak Wardrobe, Double
(Boxes 1-3-6)
Utah Oak Wardrobe , Triple<br/>(Boxes 1-2-3-4)Utah Oak Wardrobe , Triple
(Boxes 1-2-3-4)

OAKEA is the best place for oak furniture and pine bedroom Furniture

If you are looking for oak furniture for your dining room or bedroom, or solid pine furniture for your bedroom, we hope you are genuinely surprised – in a good way – by what OAKEA can offer. We are in a unique position to make sure that you:

1) Buy at the lowest prices in the country like-for-like,
2) Don’t have to wait long
3) Can order with peace of mind – you can even pay on delivery in most cases.
4) Are kept in the loop right up to delivery.
5) Will have an experience exceeding your expectations
6) You can achieve an even better deal, if you need a lot
7) We give back – each month, one of our customers wins a £500 voucher in our Prize Draw



Prize Draw 1st August 2014

Prize Draw 1st August 2014

Winner: Mrs Sharon Price

With an original order of a TV unit, Sharon won the prize draw on 1st August but was on holiday so the excited Sales manager had to wait to tell Mrs Price the news. Mrs Price was so happy she came back in a week later to buy a Utah dining table and 8 Cambridge chairs.

We were very excited for her as she really wanted to buy the table on her visit initially.

It was my first time of telling a customer that they had won so we were just as excited as she was.

Winning number was July: 601

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Make an informed decision on Solid Oak Furniture

Excellent Furniture Design should never be completed without analysis of each component going into a piece of furniture, and specification of the best possible material for each individual component. The purpose should be to optimise function, aesthetics and durability of each complete piece of furniture. Going through this process, with this purpose, it is very unlikely that solid oak would be deemed to be the best material for each and every component – and there are good reasons for this. Read more...


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New - Mobile Chip and Pin Devices for Easier, Secure Payment of Delivery
We are delighted to announce that we can now accept payment on delivery* using our mobile Chip and Pin devices. There are many benefits to choosing to pay Chip and Pin, including the knowledge that you only part with your money once the furniture is delivered to your door. Read about our mobile Chip and Pin device.

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Best for Service
Here at OAKEA we are in a very unique position. We have a small group of knowledgeable staff, a large warehouse holding our own oak furniture stock, and our own delivery drivers and vans. Your order won’t get lost between offices or in the IT system, you can even speak to the same person each time you call. ... Read the full article OAKEA - Best for Service


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